SECE Teacher Training, Monterrey, Mexico 2016

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SECE Teacher training, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 2016
SECE Teacher training, Edmonton, Alberta Canada 2016

Teacher Trainer: Wan Tsai Chen

Wan Tsai truly believes that everyone can help change the world in their own small way!  Her passion in teaching is to encourage students to become compassionate people with outstanding characters, using music as the medium.

Wan Tsai Chen not only teaches the Suzuki method, but lives it. Her devotion has lead her to be an active advocator of Every Child Can, in the Suzuki communities.  She has been passionately teaching violin for over 30 years and Suzuki early childhood education (SECE) for over 20.  Wan Tsai is currently the Artistic Director for the Suzuki Talent Education Society in Calgary, Alberta since 2001.   She also serves on SAA Board, SECE Teacher Trainer, SAA and Latin Americas SECE committee member. She has been a clinician, presenter and participant at workshops, institutes and conferences worldwide.

Wan Tsai received her B.A. in Music Performance from the Chinese Culture University and her M.A. in Curriculum and Teaching from Michigan State University.  She practices meditation/yoga daily.

Wan Tsai Chen
Wan Tsai Chen

Why this Course

Are you listening?

Society is at a crossroads in terms of our children’s future. We have continued conflict across the world, and growing intolerance of others. While we have more ways to listen and connect to each other, yet we are comprehending less. Conflict abounds. This conflict is the source of cultural, geographical, socio-economical issues and can be traced back to the inability to listen, to accept, to care for, and to really listen to each others. Asking the question:

Are we REALLY listening?

SECE Teacher Training

Project Listen

Are you Listening? To grow, learn, care, and improve, we must first listen. The ability to listen, to hear and to engage is fundamental yet we are not adopting and evolving our abilities to our current environment. We have more ways to communicate and we make less meaningful communication. The centre of issues radiates from this fundamental gap, where we are and where we need to be. Any solution requires fundamentals of listening, if we do not address this first we are doom to repeat.

Project Listening

Join Suzuki Early Childhood Education Worldwide Team!

Our solution, Project Listen, is based on a proven history of early childhood education. Central to this solution is the teaching and training of our youngest citizens, facilitated by compassionate teachers with carefully validated training. Fundamental to Project Listen is that parent, teacher, and child are all involved. The primary step is to teach all three stakeholders to listen. Independent of spoken language, societal placement, or other facades, our technique relies on the universal languages of human interaction, rhythmic and non-linguistic expressions that enhance and create new pathways for listening.