Suzuki Talent Education Society Calgary David James Mee Memorial Fund

Suzuki Talent Education Society is honoured and humbled to be able to begin our inaugural fund.  The Suzuki Talent Education Society Calgary David James Mee Memorial Fund is now open for applicants!

This fund, supported through generous and inspiring gifts, is the opportunity for potential future members to join our community and share in our progress.

Donations in support of this fund are greatly appreciated and can be made directly by sending your gift to Suzuki Talent Education, Calgary offices (7102 14th Avenue, Southwest, Calgary, Alberta Canada T3H 4G7). Please indicate the name of the fund and return address to forward your tax receipt.

Application forms are attached on this website and we encourage you to fill this material and send it to our attention. Successful applicants will be notified on an annual basis at the end of May each year and be granted the registration for any one of our programs for the following calendar year. Once again we are inspired and grateful for the opportunity to share the inspiration of David with all of you.

David James Mee was born January 17th, 1994.  His love of music may have been introduced in the womb with attendance at concerts such as ZZ-Top at the time.  However his love of playing music did not become apparent until a little later.

David was introduced to playing music through a love of video games.  What was thought at the time to be a love for playing video games expressed through a music oriented game, was actually a love for playing music expressed through video games.  He began playing simply enough, borrowing his music teacher’s guitar and learning a few chords.  From there his love of playing and composing music grew rapidly along with his skills on a guitar.

After playing guitar on his own for 5 years he began to teach others.  Though not classically for the most part, his passion for music and his desire to share this passion with others made him a lively and interested instructor for friends.

David passed away August 20th, 2015 but his passion for music will live on and still be infectious for others through The David James “DJ” Mee Memorial Scholarship with Suzuki Talent Education Society, Calgary.

David James “DJ” Mee Memorial Fund
David James “DJ” Mee Memorial Fund

Application Form

Download the application form here.

David James “DJ” Mee Memorial Fund