Our solution, Project Listen, is based on a proven history of early childhood education. Central to this solution is the teaching and training of our youngest citizens, facilitated by compassionate teachers with carefully validated training. Fundamental to Project Listen is that parent, teacher, and child are all involved. The primary step is to teach all three stakeholders to listen. Independent of spoken language, societal placement, or other facades, our technique relies on the universal languages of human interaction, rhythmic and non-linguistic expressions that enhance and create new pathways for listening.

Through the development of educated and focused listening, our youngest members demonstrate empathy, positive characters, brain development, and improved social skills. Profound change can occur when students, parents, and teachers, in a triangle ecosystem, come together in such a supportive environment. Many of the key issues of conflict in society can addressed through early childhood intervention with the focus upon an artistic and child-centred curriculum and with thorough parental education and involvement. The ultimate goal is that children and parents learn to listen and learn to communicate within the structure of a positive and nurturing environment.

“Starting ahead is better than catching up.” Heckman Equation