Bridge Program

For young children transitioning from the SECE program to those around 5 years old.


1.) Overview

In the ECE-Bridge Program, preschoolers and parents participate weekly in a variety of activities, encompassing music, art, language, and movement—all interwoven with thematic elements, fostering holistic development.

We recognize and nurture each child’s unique developmental pace, ensuring that they thrive at their own pace.

2.) Seamless Integration of Suzuki Early Childhood Education (ECE) Program

The ECE-Bridge Program seamlessly incorporates Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) principles, enriching character development and life skills through engaging musical activities. Drawing on the foundational tenets of the Suzuki approach, specifically the Mother Tongue approach, this deliberate integration ensures a seamless transition from earlier stages. Extending the foundational elements of the SECE Program, the Bridge Program establishes a more comprehensive and enriched learning environment for young participants and their collaborative learning partners, including parents and teachers.

3.) Bridging Continuity from SECE Program to Preparing for the 1st Year Instrumental Program

This program serves as a crucial stepping stone for young learners aspiring to embark on instrumental learning in the foreseeable future. Functioning as a seamless continuation from the SECE program, the Bridge Program not only extends but also enriches the foundational elements of the ECE Program, ensuring a state of readiness and progression tailored specifically for the instrumental study journey. By meticulously building upon the robust foundations established in the SECE program, it cultivates a cohesive and comprehensive learning journey, preparing students for the nuances of instrumental exploration.

The emphasis on recognizing the unique pace of each child’s character, life skills, and musical developments underscores the profound impact of planting these seeds for their future. These seeds, sown today, are envisioned to blossom and bear fruit in the hearts and lives of these young learners— Beautiful Tone, Beautiful Heart, resonating meaningfully even 20 years from now.

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Program Structure

34 weekly group sessions runs from September – June. Sessions include classroom, special event(s), and concert performance(s).
Class duration: 60 minutes.
Each child must be accompanied by one parent/adult relative.
Parents can discuss with the teacher to transfer the child to the First Year Instrument Program in the following September once the child is ready.

Program Fees

Annual Tuition: $510
Registration Fee*: $107
Volunteer Commitment Deposits*: $60
*per family fee


Please call office (403)-243-3113 or  email @ for class schedules.

Suzuki ECE – The Pillars of the Instrumental Journey

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