More than just a music school

At Suzuki Talent Education Society, our programs are carefully designed to fully integrate the Suzuki teaching philosophy, with the vision of enriching lives through music. Our students work with top-notch teachers, to progress from a tune on a drum to a symphony on a classical instrument. Throughout these years, we witness how our students’ character growth […]

Suzuki Project Zero

This video highlights the Suzuki journey onward from age zero. It reveals the importance of the Suzuki Triangle in early childhood development programs. By encouraging and developing a child’s innate sensitivity, love will shine within and forever touch others.

From the First Heartbeat

Scientific studies prove that the development of an infant within the womb is optimized in a peaceful environment. Suzuki uses music to create an environment of beauty within which a child’s sensitivities could blossom. We believe beautiful tone enhances the connection with the Mother and the others, eventually have a positive impact on the child’s […]

Shaping Character from the Start

Suzuki aims to create an environment for a child’s character to blossom with beauty. We believe the advancement of musical ability of a child will become a means to furthering a strong character. Early Childhood Education focuses on the development of a child’s sensitivity – as a child’s ability to listen, focus, appreciate, empathize, and […]

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