Solo & group learning bundle: Teachers at Suzuki Talent Education Society (STES) provide private learning lessons as well as group learning situations in one program. Children learn from observing their peers as well as from their teacher.

Frequent performance opportunities: Even the youngest student is encouraged to perform in front of an audience.

Lesson materials progress gradually: Encourage memorization through repetition. Technique is taught in the context of pieces rather than through dry technical exercise.

Promotes music enjoyment and collaboration: STES emphasizes the enjoyment of music rather than just technique alone. Teachers focus on music expression as well as technique development at a very early stage.

Non-competitive: STES will not prepare students for competitions or exams. In competitions there is only one winner. At STES we believe that all children should enjoy music for its own sake and the joy it brings to their family, friends and community. You could say that the Suzuki philosophy sees a world of people with whom we can collaborate, rather a world of people with whom to compete.

Character First: At STES, development of a fine character is equally important as as mastering of a musical instrument. Base on the concept of “Character First, Ability Second”, our approach is to embrace the whole child, and work in all perspectives to nurture his/her love of music, together with the development of techniques.

Confidence/Leadership development: Young children earn a sense of accomplishment early on. Performance, solo and with peers, in front of an audience develops poise and confidence. Senior students are also engaged in leadership roles to provide guidance and support to junior students.

Participation of parents: Parents provides a context of encouragement, love and support building self-assurance, esteem and compassion. Prepare to commit time and energy. Some teachings with schedule group and individual lessons and recitals on different days requiring multiple trips per week.