Cello, Piano, and Violin Programs

Join our specialized Violin, Piano, Cello, and Guitar Programs tailored for STES First Year graduates. Welcoming adult learners and beginners, as well as students with or without prior instrumental training. Admission is determined through a skills evaluation. Unleash your musical potential with us


These programs focus on building a solid musical foundation and creating a life-long passion and enjoyment of music through weekly private and group instruction.

Private lessons are customized to each student’s ability level, to develop their technique, concentration, posture, tone and manner.

Group classes are designed to polish skills in a collaborative and interactive setting. The combination of private and group lessons effectively help our students develop a sense of teamwork, leadership, confidence, fine techniques and listening skills.

Master Classes are small one hour group class where each student has the chance to perform and receive feedback from our teachers. Other class participants observe and learn from the individualized instruction that the performing student receives. All students stay for the whole hour.

All our instructors are registered Suzuki teachers with extensive experience in teaching students at every age and level.

Numerous recitals and concerts throughout the school year offer supportive platforms for our students to master their performance skills and to boost their confidence level.

Program Structure

These programs consist of a combination of:

  • Private Lessons:
    • Weekly sessions
    • Duration options: 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes
  • Group Lessons:
    • Scheduled based on student’s level and readiness
    • Occur throughout the school year (refer to STES Calendar for details)
  • Master Classes:
    • Periodically scheduled during Group lessons
  • Events for Concerts and Performances:
    • Numerous opportunities for students to participate
    • Musical/social events held throughout the school year

Program Fees

Annual Tuition (Cello / Piano / Violin)
Per program:

  • Weekly Private Lessons
  • Group Lessons (frequency may vary, please refer to SRES Calendar)
  • OR
  • Periodic Master Classes

Payment Options:

30-minute weekly private lessons

  • 9 payments of $198 each
  • OR
  • One-time payment of $1,782

45-minute weekly private lessons

  • 9 payments x $274
  • OR
  • One time payment of $2,466

60-minute weekly private lessons

  • 9 payments x $335
  • OR
  • One time payment of $3,015

Per Family Fees:

  • Registration Fee: $107
  • Volunteer Commitment Deposits*: $250


Private Lessons:

Please call office (403)-243-3113 or  email @ stes@suzukitalented.org for class schedules starting September – May.

Group Lessons:

  • Strings Group (Mondays PM): Please refer to STES Calendar.
  • Piano Group (Saturdays PM): Please refer to STES Calendar.

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