For parents who are dedicated to commit time and effort to start the music journey with your child(ren). Please expect this programs require additional time involvement from parents than any other traditional music training.

No previous music experience is required of parents.

Children can start as young as 2-1/2 years old. However, in most cases, we recommend children below 5 years old to attend the Bridge Program before starting the First Year Instrument Programs.


Parents are at the core of the Suzuki approach, as they support their children’s practicing at home. This programs offer a series of Parent Sessions as a unique component. The Parent Sessions will share with parents how to develop the desire to learn in their children before involving them in playing an instrument. During these sessions, we will cover the following, but not limit to:

Basic Concept of Suzuki Music Learning
Suzuki Philosophy & Methodology
Parents’ Role
Observations & Commitments
Learning about the Instrument

Children will start music lessons together with their parents once the parents have attended and completed the Parents Sessions.

Parents can choose from one of the following courses:

First Year Violin
First Year Piano
First Year Cello
First Year Guitar


It is a recommended and welcomed Parents who are considering First Year Instruments to observe private lessons and/or group classes (any instruments) before start the Program.

Program Structure

Parent Sessions
– Details for dates/times please email
Student and Parent Weekly Group/Master Class (Applicable to all first year programs)
– Commence upon completion of the Parent Sessions Series.
– Parent(s) attend classes together with their child(ren).
– 60-minute group class weekly.
Concerts and Performance(s)
– Students and Parents will have the numerous opportunities to participate in performances and concerts throughout the school year.

Program Fees

Annual Tuition:

1 payment x $135 Every Child Can (ECC) + 9 payments x $198 (monthly) or $1,782 (annually) One time payment of $1,917
Registration Fee*: $107

Volunteer Commitment Deposits*: $250

*per family fee


Please call office (403)-243-3113 or  email @ for class schedules

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