Tailoring our recommendations to the child’s readiness and the parents’ preparedness for the instrumental journey, we generally recommend that children under the age of 5 participate in the Bridge Program before venturing into the First Year Instrument Programs.


For parents committed to dedicating time and effort to kickstart the instrumental journey with their child(ren), it’s crucial to recognize that this program entails a significant time commitment. Your dedication is key to making the musical exploration with your child(ren) not only meaningful but also rewarding.

Parents do not need any prior experience playing instruments.


It is a recommended and welcomed parents and child(ren) who are considering First Year Instruments to observe private lessons and/or group classes (any instruments) before start the Program.

Program Structure

The weekly group sessions runs from September to June. Sessions include classroom, Parent Sessions, special event(s), and concert performance(s)

1.) Parent Sessions:

At the heart of the Suzuki approach for first-year instrumentalists, parents play a pivotal role in fostering their children’s musical development through dedicated home practice. Our program recognizes the significance of parental involvement and introduces a distinctive element known as Parent Sessions. These sessions serve as a valuable resource, equipping parents with the knowledge and tools to cultivate their children’s intrinsic motivation for learning an instrument.

The Parent Sessions are meticulously crafted to address a diverse range of topics tailored to the specific needs of the class. They aim to provide a thorough exploration and understanding of various aspects essential to the Suzuki learning experience.

As participants delve into these crucial components, they actively immerse themselves in the learning journey. Within these Parent Sessions, individuals are not only encouraged to share valuable insights but also to explore effective strategies and engage in thoughtful reflection on how to inspire and support their children. This collaborative effort establishes a robust foundation, fostering a musical journey that is not only fulfilling but also poised for success and imbued with meaning.

2.) Student and Parent Weekly Group/Master Classes (Applicable to all first-year programs):

  • The classes begin after completing a number of Parent Sessions.
  • Parent(s) attend and participate in classes, learning alongside their child(ren).
  • The sessions are structured as 60-minute weekly group classes.

3.) Special Events for Play-Ins, Solos, Concerts, and Performances:

  • Throughout the school year, students and parents will have numerousopportunities to participate in a variety of musical-social events.

4.) 1st Year Instrument offers the following:

  • First Year Violin
  • First Year Piano
  • First Year Cello
  • First Year Guitar

Program Fees

Annual Tuition:

9 payments x $198 (monthly) or $1,782 (annually)

Registration Fee*: $107

Volunteer Commitment Deposits*: $250

*per family fee


Please call office (403)-243-3113 or  email @ for class schedules

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