A Non-Profit Organization

In 1972, the Suzuki Talent Education Society (STES) was formally registered as a non-profit society. We rely on government, corporate and private donations. Without this support we would not be able to offer our families/students the programs that we do.

Alberta Foundation for the ArtsAlberta Lottery Fund


Violin instruction using the method of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki began in Calgary in 1967 through an organization founded by Georgianna Ritter, who served as President and Executive Director. Dr. Suzuki sent teachers from Matsumoto, Japan in those early days.


The sole responsibility for administration of the Society was placed in the hands of parents. The Society is essentially the same today with an Artistic Director, Administrator and a Board of Directors composed of parents.

Our Programs

The Suzuki Society provides private and group lessons for violin, viola, piano and cello students. Master classes, workshops, concerts, recitals, ensemble playing and musicianship classes are also offered. The Society emphasizes the importance of music in the lives of babies, toddlers and even unborn infants by offering an outstanding early childhood program.

Great Family Adventure

The Society has music programs for all ages. STES’ parents not only can actively participate in their children’s lessons, they can also take lessons from us and experience the music inspiration, skills development and grow together. Every year, many of our parents perform with their children on the same stage in concert and share the joy of achievements for their hard work together. It’s a great family adventure when you belong to the Suzuki Society!

STES parents shared their joy of playing music together with their children