No make-ups are given for 1:1 (private) lessons, group classes or events missed by students for any reason and please do not ask for exceptions.

  • 1:1 lesson time is a mutual commitment between the students and the teacher. There will be no make-up/rearrange lesson or reimbursement of tuition fees for “No-Show” or if the student misses a class or 1:1 lesson at random.
  • Please inform STES office and/or your teacher if you are going to be absent. 

If the student must miss a 1:1 lesson and/or foresee the unavailability, consider the followings:

  • Arrange switching the 1:1 lesson time with another students 
    • Please note that it is parents/students responsibility to make the arrangement.
    • Both students swapping lesson times must send a text, email or leave a voice mail for your teacher and/or STES office with that information.
    • The schedule and families contact info, please check with your teacher.
  • If parents are not available to come to class with the child, make an effort to find somebody else to bring your child to lesson.
  • Or parents come to class themselves even the child is not able to attend. The teacher will make use of this opportunity to discuss areas of concern, or preview some of the challenges in the future pieces. This is an opportunity to set an example to your child and show how valuable these lessons are to you!

When ill, please stay home

Not feeling well and/or have the following signs or symptoms: fever, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, etc., please stay home.  

STES commits providing a safe and healthy environment for children, families and teachers.

  • Students and parents attending in-person lessons when ill will be sent home immediately. This decision will be at the discretion of the teacher. No makeup lessons will be given in this situation. 

  • 1:1 lessons can be switched to online, and/or parent sessions under teacher’s discretion.